3kg off!


Hey all, I am in a fantastic mood today! It is confirmed after a week of consistent weighing that I have shed a whopping 3kg off my goal of 5kg! Yeah yeah yeah!

And to top that, I didn’t feel bad or deprived or depressed on this journey of a nutrition-dense diet. Quite honestly, I have enjoyed every bit of it.

There were also instances of indulgence where I shared a Sanum from llaolao (the latest craze yoghurt brand in town), a few pieces of “chicken in a biscuit” and a pack of fish crackers. In fact, I had quite a few meals of fried chicken/ squid/ fish! But I still managed to lose 3kg.

Cause for celebration? 🙂 Another trip to llaollao? Nope, not yet. Not unless I find someone to share my llaollao with. 😛

Another 2kg to 3kg to go to reach my ideal weight. Wish me luck with my birthday celebrations and holiday season coming up. 😦


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