JB Food Trip on 3 Oct 2014

Food Trip, Great Food

Those present are: TH, myself, Michelle, Jamie & GY

Purpose: A food trip in JB for Michelle & GY as they have been salivating at my Instagram posts on the food I ate in JB.

Everytime I visit JB, I would do a collage on the food I ate during the trip and post it on Instagram. My food trips to JB started some time mid last year with TH (my dear hubby).

I remembered our first trip. We were armed with printed copies of Google Maps and the list of food places we want to venture. That’s all! Those who know JB roads will know that this is grossly insufficient! We got VERY lost indeed! Didn’t even know which is the right direction 😛

Lots of fuel was burned up as we tried to figure which way to go. Quite helpless, we surrendered ourselves to the assistance of any petrol kiosk assistants who would point us in the right direction. That’s how we got to eat Braised Duck at Skudai, got to KSL City for Bak Kut Teh and Jalan Keris Tebrau Market for Tze Char.


Ah, that was history. We have grown more technologically advanced now. We got ourselves a GPS, solely for navigating our food hunt trips in Malaysia. But more than that, we are VERY familiar with JB now and can get to most of our favourite food places even without the GPS. Impressive eh?

More impressive than this is that we started to receive requests from family and friends to organise food trips to Malaysia. We have since organised a few food trips, mostly to JB, two to Malacca and one to Penang. 

This trip was requested my my 2 sister-in-law, Michelle & GY. They just wanted to taste some of the delicious JB food for a half-day trip. So, here we go …. vroom!

We were at the SG Woodlands Checkpoint at 830am and the checkpoint is slightly jammed. Though famished but undaunted by the slight delay, we headed straight for my favourite Kuay Teow Kia (KTK or Kuay Chap) at Taman Tasek. Housed under a great big tree, it is truly reminiscence of good old Kampong. It was a breezy morning and everyone, including 10-year-old Jamie, enjoyed the KTK.


the kuay teow is very smooth … the mei cai is very nice, better than mother’s … the braise sauce is good

Such were the praises for our favourite KTK in JB. Michelle & GY couldn’t resist the mei cai and went on to pack 2 portions.

We always round up our breakfast with good coffee. Hence, we headed to GC Coffee at Taman Sutera.


Everyone said they were full after the KTK. But at GC, we ordered our cuppa and various toasts. We had 2 sets of steamed bread (one with butter and one without), 2 sets of Tiger Skin (butter toast with sugar) and 1 set of Mini Hainanese Toast (French toasts). Haha, such is the tummy capacity of Singaporeans!

My sister always says that she needs to bring the stomach of a cow to go on food trips with me! 🙂

After GC, we planned to digest our food a bit. So, we brought them shopping at Sutera Mall. Michelle & GY have no idea what their shopping list is since it was their first time in JB. However, slow and steady, I see that they have no problem filling up the trolley at AEON BIG.

GY was asking for Kueh Balu. TH recommended the one outside AEON BIG 1st level. We went, they tried it and decided to buy a big tub to share. I am not a kueh balu fan, so I’m out of it. But my extended family had tried the kueh balu too and they liked it.

GY was also looking for some popcorn in JB and she so very luckily spotted the kiosk next to the lift. So, both Michelle and GY bought 2 tubs of popcorn each.

By this time, TH and Jamie were screaming for lunch. We unloaded our “loot” into the car and headed for poached fish at Heng Heng (near Angsana Plaza). The sweltering heat under the zinc roof structure was literally like a hot oven. As we enter the premise, we already felt very “baked”. Jamie was grumbling and wanted an air-con place. Michelle (Jamie’s mum) kept distracting her by saying that she should enjoy the experience under a zinc roof, adding that you can’t find this in SG anymore.


We waited very patiently for our lunch to be served while sipping on cold drinks to cool ourselves down. When lunch was served, everyone enjoyed the poached fish, beansprouts, sweet potato leaves, tofu and pork liver soup. Pork liver is a no no for TH and me, but everyone who enjoys liver loves the quality and freshness of the liver in JB.

TH very graciously went ahead of us to turn on the AC in the car. As we head towards Ming An for some Beh Teh Sau, it suddenly daunted on Michelle & GY on the amount of things they have bought 🙂

This syndrome, I must warn you, is very common and ALL whom we brought on food trips suffer this.

TH brought Michelle & GY to Ming An while Jamie and me waited in the AC car. Jamie refused to leave the AC, so I stayed with her. Kids now cannot live without AC and gadgets. Oh, and WIFI.

Next, we headed to Taman Sentosa to pack the famous Teck Sing Baked Paper-wrapped Herbal Chicken. GY popped over Auntie Lau for more local snacks while Jamie and I stayed in the AC car.

Along the way, we pumped up our petrol and finally, headed to another shopping mall as promised to Jamie (she desperately wanted an air con environment!). So, we headed for City Square. En route, we detoured to pack the famous Banana Cake (opposite Kin Wah) and traditional Hainanese Kopi O from Kin Wah Coffeeshop. Then, I dropped TH to pack the famous Kam Long Curry Fishhead while I drove to park the car at City Square.

Boy, City Square was so crowded! It took us quite some time to find a parking lot. Even the illegal parking spaces were full! Anyhow, we were blessed to find one lot though I can to travel in the opposite direction just to be the first car to get that lot.

Nobody was in the mood for shopping except Jamie, but she had no say as her mums says no. Hence, we just ordered our favourite popsicles (30 sticks in 3 ice boxes!) while Jamie had her Aunty Anne’s pretzel. The staff took quite long to process our orders and pack but we were all glad since the popsicles are REALLY GOOD!

With a trunk load full of our loot, we headed home. Traffic was clear coming home and we reached Singapore at approximately 330pm.

As Michelle & GY started to enjoy the rest of their loot that evening and the days that follow, Michelle suggested that another food trip should be planned soon. Curry fishhead was good, banana cake was light and not heavy in butter taste (Michelle & GY cannot take butter taste), the herbal chicken was so good …

I shall stop before you guys flood your table with your saliva 🙂

Adios! Till our next food trip!