Nutrition-dense diet

Diet, My Humble Opinion

Since my last post about dieting, I have repented and became more watchful of what I eat. After all, we are what we eat right? To tell the truth, I simply can’t stand how fat I looked on a recent family photo during my hubby’s birthday celebration. Sigh! Motivated to lose 5kg, I started my journey to find out more about the Paleo Diet as my brother-in-law had practised that for about 6 months and lost 10kg!

I started off my diet without carbohydrates but with no restrictions on meat, vegetables and fruits intake. This was easy for 3 days as I am not a big fan of carbohydrates anyway. So, it’s easy for me to do without. The problem came when I started to read more about the Paleo diet online. Still no restrictions on meat, vegetables and fruits! Yeah! However, one thing I found very difficult is to exclude tofu, tau kee and tau kwa which Paleo requires.

See, I’ve been a mala xiang guo fan for more than a year now and tofu & tau kee are always present in my mala pot. To add to that, I found this RM0.90 tofu which tastes so soft and smooth. Not to mention, the fried tau kee in JB are so fragrant and crunchy! I absolutely cannot do without these 2 items in my mala xiang guo which I will have 2-3 times a week.

To me, mala xiang guo is the best! I eat lots of vegetables, mushrooms and tofu/ tau kee for the meal and I can totally exclude meat! I also get my craving for spicy food (instead of the fat laden laksa, nasi lemak or nasi padang) and enjoys the anit-inflammatory benefits with the amount of herbs and spices used to cook the dish.

With these in mind, I decided to switch my diet to a nutrition-dense diet instead. Ultimately, our food is our best medicine. So, by consciously putting in wholesome, nutrients-dense food, I am in effect feeding my body perfectly.

Breakfast nowadays are a slice of multi-grain (without butter and eggs from My Daily Grain) with 1/2 an avocado and my Starbucks coffee. If I need a mid morning tea break, I’ll grab an apple or a banana. Lunch is a green salad with cherry tomatoes, 1/2 an avocado and either a slice of ham/ a poached egg/ shredded chicken. Dinner, more often than not, is my mala xiang guo with loads of vegetables and spices.

Looks like I am on the road to successful dieting, ain’t I? Wish me luck, everyone!